UN Partners Malawi To Contain Fallout From Flooding As Tropical Cyclone Approaches

LILONGWE, Malawi, March 14 (NNN-AGENCIES) – The United Nations (UN) has joined with Malawi, in effort to contain the recent floods that have left 56 dead, according to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA).

The UN took actions quickly and is working with the Malawi government through DoDMA, to support a rapid needs assessment and reach those most in need, with life-saving rescue and relief assistance, said a press release from the UN.

“We are saddened that thousands of people have been affected by the floods and (we) express our solidarity with the government of Malawi and the victims of the floods,” said UN Resident Coordinator in Malawi, Maria Jose Torres.

“The UN is working with DoDMA to expand early warning messages to all vulnerable communities, for them to move to high grounds, avoid crossing flooding rivers and for them not to seek shelter under trees or weak infrastructure.”

Weather forecasts showed that tropical cyclone Idai, is fast approaching Malawi, over the next four days, and that more heavy rains and strong winds are expected from today till Sunday, raising fears of additional floods, said the UN.

As the assessment of damage caused by the March 5-8 floods continues, the death toll keeps increasing. The latest number went up to 56 with three people missing.

Meanwhile, the number of injured people remains at 577. Nearly 185,000 households and approximately 923,000 people have been affected.

About 16,500 households and approximately 83,000 people have been displaced. Most of them are sheltered in 187 camps that the country has established in the 14 affected districts.– NNN-AGENCIES