Malaysia’s New King Calls For Unity At Parliament Session

Malaysia’s New King Calls For Unity At Parliament Session

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 11 (NNN-AGENCIES) – Malaysia’s new King, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, called for national unity, on Monday, during his first parliamentary address.

Sultan Abdullah, who was sworn in as Malaysia’s 16th king in January, urged Malaysians to work towards unity in a meaningful way, which he said was especially important in a multicultural and multiracial country.

“Various efforts have been undertaken to strengthen unity among the multiracial population of the country,” he said. “In this regard, calls for unity must not remain mere slogans but have to be followed through by sincere actions.”

The King also urged the government to ensure the country was not left behind, in terms of new technology and new economic opportunities, especially in a challenging global economy.

“I hope the government will continue to increase the number of entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators, who are capable of creating new wealth,” he said.

“Besides, the small and medium enterprises must increase their productivity using the latest technology and automation, to add to the value chain, to be able to compete at the global level.”

The new parliament will convene from Monday until April 11, with several new committees being expected to begin their work, including the consideration of bills, rights and gender equality, major public appointments, defence, home affairs and federal-state relations.– NNN-AGENCIES


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