March 3, 2019

Beijing, China, March 3 – Workers past through the terminal of the Beijing Daxing International Airport under construction on the outskirts of Beijing, China. Construction on the new airport in China’s capital which promises to be one of the world’s largest is speeding toward completion. Photo courtesy PTI Photo
Mogadishu, Somalia, March 3 – Somali soldiers stand guard at a destroyed building in Mogadishu, Somalia. Police say a nearly day-long siege in the heart of Somalia’s capital has ended with all of the al-Shabab extremist attackers killed. More than 20 are dead with the number expected to climb as hospitals report more than 50 wounded, many in critical condition. The attack comes after a flurry of U.S. airstrikes against the al-Qaida-linked extremist group, the deadliest Islamic extremist organization in Africa Photo courtesy of PTI Photo