Death Toll Due To Tropical Cyclone Seroja In Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara Rises To 138

JAKARTA, Apr 8 (NNN-ANTARA) – At least 138 people died and 61 others are still missing, in flash floods and landslides triggered by tropical cyclone Seroja, in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province, the National Disaster Management Agency said.

The agency’s head, Doni Monardo, disclosed that deaths were reported in East Flores district (67), Alor district (25), Malaka district (4), Lembata district (32), Kupang district (5), Sabu Raijua district (2), and one each in Ende district, Kupang city, and Ngada district.

“The evacuation process is the most difficult measure in Lembata and Alor. We are struggling to mobilise heavy equipment units, such as, excavators and trucks, to move very large boulders,” Monardo said.

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency said, such extreme weather as heavy rains, strong winds, and high sea waves of up to six metres occurred, after the tropical cyclone swirled in the Savu Sea, south of East Nusa Tenggara province, with a peak on Apr 5.

Currently, Seroja moves away from Indonesian territory, but the impact would still be felt in a number of provinces, in the southern part of the country, for the next few days.

“Residents in the provinces of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Java, Yogyakarta, and Central Java must watch out,” the agency’s head, Dwikorita Karnawati, said.

Seroja is the 10th tropical cyclone hitting Indonesia since 2008, but had the worst impact as it made landfall.– NNN-ANTARA