France’s Daily COVID-19 Infections Hit New Record Of 13,498

PARIS, Sept 20 (NNN-AGENCIES) – France’s Public Health Agency yesterday reported 13,498 new COVID-19 cases in a 24-hour span, a new daily record of confirmed cases, since the start of the pandemic.

France’s previous highest daily cases was 13,215 on Friday. Yesterday’s figure brought the cumulative total of confirmed cases to 442,194.

The infections have surged in France in recent weeks, particularly among young people, prompting the government to order the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoors and in workplaces.

It also pledged to further boost COVID-19 tests, reinforce control of self-isolation conditions and impose stricter rules in zones of high risk. But it ruled out a new nationwide lock-down.

France’s major cities of Bordeaux, Marseille and Nice – classified as red zones – have banned public gatherings of 10 people in parks and beaches and reduced public-event attendance number to 1,000 from 5,000. People are urged to limit their visits to nursing homes, and not to eat and drink in bars while standing.– NNN-AGENCIES