Uniphore ensures its AI voice tech rise to challenges amid the lockdowns

Uniphore ensures its AI voice tech rise to challenges amid the lockdowns
Co-Founder and President of Uniphore APAC, Ravi Saraogi

KUALA LUMPUR, April 15 (NNN-BERNAMA) — The unprecedented number of calls to call centres in this period of partial or full lockdowns worldwide have raised several challenges and for companies providing support systems to these centres, the last few weeks certainly have been the moments to rise to.

For Uniphore, which provides conversational service automation platform including real time analysis of voice data for quality monitoring purposes for call centres and large enterprises, its priority now is in supporting its clients so that they are able to attend to their customers’ calls with maximum capacity and quality, said Ravi Saraogi, Co-Founder and President of Uniphore APAC;

In an interview with Bernama over Zoom recently, Ravi outlined some of the challenges call centres are facing with the increased demand for their services while their customer service agents are also working from home.

While current technologies support working from home, not 100 percent of the call centre agents will be able to work from home as some of them will not have the technology support and some of them will not have enough bandwidth or internet connection in their residences.

This leaves only 50 to 60 percent of call centres workforce active and in this scenario, customers calling in might have a longer period of waiting than the usual time, before their turn comes up, he said.

With the lockdown, people are also not able to go out and do their banking, insurance and other transactions and hence the higher number of calls to call centres and compounded with the already reduced workforce, the customer experience is bound to be affected, Ravi said.

This is where Uniphore has been playing its part by deploying its integrated suite of conversational service automation platform for all its clients to help reduce their work load while ensuring the quality of voice services at the same time, said Ravi.

Uniphore’s artificial intelligence (AI)-backed auMina or audio-mining analytics software, besides facilitating automated conversations, also provides real time speech analytics for each called received, he said.

This helps call centres, as well as telcos and travel companies in the monitoring of the quality of service for per call, even when the service is being provided from home, Ravi said.

With the voice biometrics that come with the product, there is also no issue of anyone else in the home answering the calls, he said.

Also in the suite of Uniphore’s conversational service automated platform is akeira, a virtual agent that reduces workload in call centres as it handles customers’ request and helps with tasks such as performing a transaction.

Instead of pressing phone keys to get a specific service, customers will be able to perform a transaction directly through voice commands, said Ravi.

This is already happening in several countries and in Malaysia several pilot projects are already underway, he said.


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