Egypt Sanitises Museums, Tourist Attractions Nationwide Over COVID-19 Fears

CAIRO, Mar 24 (NNN-MENA) – Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said, it started on Monday, to disinfect and sanitise museums and tourist sites nationwide, over COVID-19 concerns.

The campaign, which included so far the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Luxor Museum, the Aswan Museum, and the Tanta Museum, is part of the ministry’s plan to sanitise all museums and archaeological sites, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The disinfection work was carried out in accordance with international standards, as the teams used materials approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, according to the statement.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, announced the shutting down of all museums and archaeological sites and attractions nationwide, from Mar 23 to 31 for sterilisation.

Sabah Seddik, general manager of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which houses the largest collection of famous ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun, said, the museum will be closed until Mar 31, noting that the closure period will be used to sterilise and develop the museum’s facilities.

“The museum’s restoration department is taking care to clean and disinfect artefacts displayed outside the glass show boxes,” Seddik said.

She noted that, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities plans to avoid or reduce financial losses due to the closure of tourist sites, stressing that, the safety of visitors and workers in museums and archaeological sites is more important than financial gains.

Egypt, a country with a population of 100 million people, has confirmed 327 COVID-19 cases, including 14 deaths.

The most populous Arab country has been recently taking strict precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Egypt also temporarily shut down mosques and churches, while coffee shops, clubs, malls, restaurants and other entertainment places were told to close from early evening to early morning.– NNN-MENA