APO Certification Body Development Project

KUALA LUMPUR, March 10 (Bernama) — The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) announced that it is assisting the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) to become the first Certification Body for the Productivity Specialists Certification Scheme in the Asia-Pacific region. The role of the MPC will expand from a national-level training and certification provider to an internationally accredited certification body. The project is being executed under the Certification Body Development Project, which includes training and consultancy services to the MPC for establishing the structure, documentation, and procedures according to APO requirements.

Since its incorporation in 1992, the MPC has continuously repositioned itself to provide value-added information on productivity, quality, competitiveness, and best practices through research activities and databases; reviewed regulations and promoted Good Regulatory Practices to create a more competitive business environment; and nurtured an innovative, creative culture for productivity and competitiveness through partnership programs. Its goal is to ensure that Malaysia achieves high-income economy status by sustaining productivity growth.