Israel Fires Smoke Bombs On Borders Of Southern Lebanon

BEIRUT, Feb 15 (NNN-NNA) – The Israeli army, on Friday, fired several smoke bombs on the axis of the border town of Mays al Jabal, in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon, north of the “Blue Line.”

Witnesses from the border area said that, an Israeli foot patrol, protected by three armoured vehicles, threw smoke bombs towards the town of Mays al-Jabal, while carrying out combing activities along the border fence.

Sources said that smoke bombs, coincided with a violation of Lebanon’s airspace by Israeli planes hovering over the “Blue Line” on this axis at medium altitude.

Tensions increased between the Lebanese and Israeli armies, in the wake of this incident, while a patrol of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), operating in southern Lebanon, explored the area.

The Lebanese army, late Wednesday evening, fired at an Israeli drone, violating Lebanon’s airspace, above Meiss Ej Jabal in Marjeyoun.– NNN-NNA