InterVenn Biosciences’ Blood Based Test Developed Using Artificial Intelligence Successfully Detects Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Through the advancements in glycoproteomics and artificial intelligence, the company was able to analyze archival samples at the Institute for Medical Research, National Institute of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia to successfully identify patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a type of head and neck cancer, commonly called nasal cancer.  

SAN FRANCISCO & KUALA LUMPUR Feb 4 (Bernama) — InterVenn Biosciences today announced it was able to correctly predict samples from patients with nasopharyngeal cancer with 100 percent accuracy in a research study evaluating 100 samples. This was carried out in collaboration with the Institute for Medical Research, National Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia.  The samples were studied by InterVenn using their proprietary approach to analyze glycoproteins using artificial Intelligence. The collaboration was made possible through facilitation by Clinical Research Malaysia, an agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. InterVenn is in talks with international partners to help expedite commercialization and clinical validation of a new diagnostic for nasal cancer and other indications.

Dr. Alan Khoo, head of the Cancer Research Centre at the Institute for Medical Research, emphasized that late detection of cancer remains a major problem in many parts of the world, including Malaysia as recently revealed in the National Cancer Registry Report. Detection of cancers through blood based testing is a useful approach, this includes nasopharyngeal cancer, which is a major regional cancer affecting South East Asia and Southern China.


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