German FM Calls For Tension Deescalation In Mideast

AMMAN, Jan 14 (NNN-XINHUA) – Visiting German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, called for tension deescalation in the Middle East.

In a press conference in Jordan’s capital Amman, after talks with his Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, Maas said, Germany has been maintaining coordination with Jordan, which is a key player and hub for stability in the region.

He called for efforts to support stability and security in the Middle East, adding, Germany will continue to support Jordan, as it has received a large number of Syrian refugees.

Maas also said, Iran should not interfere with the internal affairs of other countries, especially Iraq, suggesting no withdrawal of international troops from Iraq, to prevent the country from being a fertile land for terrorism.

For his part, Safadi highlighted the need for dialogue and deescalation in the region, saying, any escalation in the region will have serious consequences on the region and Europe.

Underlining the need for continued war on terror, Safadi said, this war is not over, as Daesh still represents a threat.

The Jordanian minister also voiced appreciation for Germany’s support to the two-state solution to the Palestinian issue, and warned against serious consequences of the lack of peace in the region.– NNN-XINHUA