Saudi Arabia Calls On Political Missions To Commit To UN Charter

NEW YORK, Nov 9 (NNN-SPA) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, underlined the importance of political missions’ commitment to the UN Charter, and the mandate given to them, to carry out their tasks.

Saudi Arabia also stressed that the mandate of political missions should not be confused with interference in the internal affairs of other states.

This came in the Kingdom’s speech, delivered last night, before the Special Policies and Decolonisation Committee (Fourth Committee), held on the item related to special political missions.

The speech was delivered by the Third Secretary, Yazeed bin Gharam Allah Al-Zahrani.

He further said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides its support to the UN missions, to fulfil their obligations and perform their tasks, stressing that the Kingdom has spared no effort in supporting the UN agencies and missions.– NNN-SPA