Thousands Of Israeli Students Demonstrate On Tel Aviv Streets Over Climate Crisis

Thousands Of Israeli Students Demonstrate On Tel Aviv Streets Over Climate Crisis

JERUSALEM, Sept 28 (NNN-MA’AN) – Thousands of Israelis, most of them students who skipped school, marched and protested on Friday, in the coastal city of Tel Aviv, as part of the global climate crisis protest.

In doing so the protesters joined the “Fridays For Future” strikes that take place worldwide, under the initiative of 16-year-old Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg.

The protesters demanded that the Israeli government put the issue on the national priority and declare a climate state of emergency.

The protesters carried signs saying, “Global warming is not cool,” “Heal the planet,” “Unite against the climate crisis” and more. Some of the teenagers even lied down on the road in protest.

The demonstration in Tel Aviv was joined by Israeli environmental, labour and civil society organisations.

One of them, Zalul Environmental Association, said that, “climate policy must be taken to prevent and stop the devastating process that is threatening our lives.”

“This policy includes moving Israel to 100 percent renewable energy, banning disposable plastics, encouraging veganism, protecting trees, promoting public transportation solutions, protecting the sea, streams and natural water, and more,” it said.

One of the protesters, 16-year-old Tamar Avraham, said, “It now looks like a real existential crisis, and nothing makes more sense than taking to the streets and demanding a future.”

Another demonstrator, 14-year-old Evelyn Weisburg, added, “I want to put pressure on the politicians, who understand that this is an emergency and need to act now. It’s something that affects everyone’s future.”– NNN-MA’AN


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