Heavy Rainfall Hits Yemen’s Aden, Civilian Houses Affected

Heavy Rainfall Hits Yemen’s Aden, Civilian Houses Affected

ADEN, Yemen, Sept 28 (NNN-SABA) – Heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds, on Friday, hit southern port city of Aden, affecting many civilian houses.

The Meteorological Department at Aden’s International Airport said, “It’s expected that the tropical storm Hikaa will leave an impact on Aden, through heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms starting from Friday and may continue for several days.”

Flooding caused by the heavy rainfall badly affected people’s properties in many neighbourhoods of Aden.

“Several old houses, including mine, are badly affected and water overwhelmed all the rooms. We can’t sleep tonight,” said Fatah Ali, an Aden-based resident.

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) controlling Aden and other neighbouring provinces, established an emergency operations centre, to deal with the effects.

Nizar Haitham, STC’s official spokesman, said, “A number of teams linked to the relief committee are working on-ground and following up the damage that occurred in Aden.”

Many main streets of Aden were overwhelmed with flooding, which restricted residents’ movement.

Power outages were reported in some neighbourhoods of Aden, as a result of the strong winds and rainfall.

In June, at least three people died, following heavy rains and flooding, that struck several parts of the country’s southern and eastern provinces.– NNN-SABA


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