S. Korea, Japan To Hold Diplomatic Talks Amid Bilateral Trade Spat

SEOUL, Sept 19 (NNN-YONHAP) – Director general-level diplomats, from South Korea and Japan, will hold talks this week, amid the ongoing trade spat between the two countries, Seoul’s foreign ministry said today (Thursday).

Kim Jung-han, director-general for Asian and Pacific affairs, at South Korea’s foreign ministry, will meet his Japanese counterpart, Shigeki Takizaki, in Tokyo on Friday (tomorrow).

During the meeting, Kim and Takizaki will discuss issues of mutual concern, the Seoul ministry said.

The meeting will come after South Korea implemented its removal of Japan, on Wednesday, from its white-list of trusted export partners, in response to Tokyo taking Seoul off its white-list of trusted trading partners, last month.– NNN-YONHAP