Hezbollah Condemns Netanyahu’s Plan To Annex Jordan Valley

BEIRUT, Sept 12 (NNN-NNA) – Hezbollah condemned Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to annex the Jordan Valley, if he wins the re-election.

“This is considered an attack against the Palestinian population, who has the entire right to defend any assault against its territories and wealth,” Hezbollah said.

Hezbollah added that, all of these Israeli steps will be faced by the unity of the Palestinians.

“These attempts will fail just like the ‘Deal of the Century’ because Palestine is a right for the Palestinians and nothing will change this reality, no matter what the enemy tries to do,” it said.

Netanyahu said on Tuesday that, he would annex the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, right after Israel’s Sept 17 election, if he wins the re-election.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia sharply criticised Netanyahu’s announcement, while Palestinians labelled the move as illegal, and the United Nations said, this measure would destroy any chances for future peace talks.– NNN-NNA