Iran Urges India To Defy U.S. Oil Sanctions

TEHRAN, Sept 11 (NNN-IRNA) – Iran has urged India to reject the U.S. oil trade ban imposed on Iran, Press TV reported on Tuesday.

If India defies the U.S. sanctions, it would take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Iranian oil and gas sectors, Iran’s Ambassador to India, Ali Chegini, was quoted as saying.

“If India wants energy security, it should look for a stable source, like Iran, because of its resources, as well as, a strong government-to-government relationship, and the friendship between the two countries,” the ambassador added.

India has been Iran’s key trade partner, and the second largest customer of Iran’s oil, importing 457,000 barrels of Iranian oil a day, before the U.S. withdrawal from the landmark Iranian nuclear deal in May 2018.

India, however, has stopped crude oil imports from Iran, after the U.S. imposed a total ban on oil trade with Iran in May.– NNN-IRNA