India’s Bengaluru On Security Alert, Police Term It As Security Drill

MUMBAI, India, Aug 18 (NNN-PTI) – Bengaluru, capital of India’s southwestern state, Karnataka, has been on high security alert with armed police deployed across the city.

The alert followed an advisory note from the City Police Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, to his deputies, to intensify security at all iconic installations and public places in the city.

It also ensured functioning of CCTV’s at key check points, to watch out for vehicles moving in a suspicious manner.

“There should be a high-level police presence and visibility at the jurisdictional level, until further orders,” said a newspaper report, quoting the advisory note.

While the tone of the advisory note was serious, the top cop of the city, later tried to downplay the high alert, terming it as a security drill, to check how well the city is prepared, in terms of a security threat.– NNN-PTI