Lebanon Capital’s Renovated Airport To Open In Aug

BEIRUT, Lebanon, July 12 (NNN-NNA) – Lebanese Public Works and Transport Minister, Youssef Fenianos, announced on Thursday that, Beirut’s newly renovated airport will start operations by Aug 1.

“Our airport will be similar to other airports all around the world, in terms of fast operations and quality of service,” Fenianos said, during his tour of the airport.

The new airport will have nine inspection machines and 36 booths for passport stamping, he revealed.

Beirut’s airport will also be capable of providing high internet speed service to all passengers.

Lebanese officials have, on many occasions, called for expansion of Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, in an effort to better serve the increasing passengers.

According to a study released by the airport in March, 2018, as many as 10 million passengers are expected to travel through the Beirut Airport by 2020, which has the capacity of hosting only six million passengers annually.

In 2018, the Lebanese Finance Ministry approved 18 million U.S. dollars, in funding the expansion of the airport.– NNN-NNA