Thailand Aims To Become Electricity Hub Of ASEAN

BANGKOK, Thailand, June 25 (NNN-TNA) – Thailand has made it clear that it aims to become the electricity hub, in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

Speaking at the 37th Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME) held in Bangkok, permanent secretary of the Thai Energy Ministry, Kulis Sombatsiri, told media that Thailand is planning to develop its power transmission lines, to become the electricity hub of the region, sourcing hydro-power from Laos and selling it to Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The 37th SOME meeting, held under the concept of “Advancing Energy Transition through partnership and Innovation,” brought representatives from the 10 ASEAN countries, as well as, international organisations, such as international energy agencies and international renewable energy agencies, to discuss issues pertaining to electricity trade in ASEAN.

Kulis said, he discussed with ASEAN Energy ministers to find ways to guarantee affordable electricity to ASEAN.

“In order to provide affordable electricity to people in ASEAN, we need to install modern transmission lines,” said Kulis, “other alternatives include providing other sources of renewable energy, including solar, wind and biomass.”

With regard to natural gas, ASEAN member countries agreed to establish warehouses and transportation pipeline system, to support the increasing energy demand in ASEAN from the current 10 million tonnes per year, to 60 million tonnes in 2035.

As the ASEAN chair, Thailand is pushing for polices related to electricity, energy efficiency, renewable energy and natural gas.

The ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy takes place in Bangkok, on June 24-28, with the aim to shift ASEAN from fossil fuel to clean power.– NNN-TNA