Vintage Car Enthusiasts Join Highway Cruise In Cairo

Vintage Car Enthusiasts Join Highway Cruise In Cairo

CAIRO, Mac 2 (NNN-MENA) – It was a sight to behold: dozens of classic cars zooming along a highway in Cairo, as part of a grand vintage car cruise.

The event, organised by the Classic Cars Community in Egypt, attracted more than 65 vintage vehicles of all kinds, from vintage Volkswagen Beatles to classic Mercedes, all made before 1985.

The cruise was a celebration of Egypt’s rich and diverse vintage auto heritage, as well as, a chance for classic car enthusiasts to mingle and marvel at each other’s prized possessions.

“We want to show the world that Egypt has some unique and rare classic vehicles, that are worth seeing and preserving,” said Ibrahim al-Gazzar, head of the community and a vintage car lover himself.

The convoy drove for several kilometres on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, drawing the attention and admiration of other drivers and passers-by.

Some of the participants could not contain their excitement as they snapped selfies with the stunning cars.

“I cannot believe that I’m surrounded by this large number of beautiful classic cars. I’m going to take selfies with all of them,” said Ismail Ahmed, an accountant from Cairo, who owns a modern car but dreams of buying a vintage one someday.

Ahmed explained that, vintage cars are very valuable and expensive, especially if they have a history of being owned by famous people like artistes, politicians, or royalty.

“These cars are like antiquities, they only get more precious with time. I hope to own one in the future,” he said, smiling.

Another participant, Ahmed al-Sherbiny, joined the event for the first time with his 1971 Fiat 124 Spider, which he restored himself. He said, the event was a great opportunity for classic car owners to share their experiences and tips on restoration, modification, and maintenance.

“This is my first classic car, and I’m very proud of it. I spent years looking for it and fixing it up. It shows how much we love our vintage cars, we treat them like our babies,” he said.

He added that, owning and restoring a vintage car requires a lot of passion, patience, and persistence, as well as, a lot of money and time.

“Many people have the passion to own vintage cars, but few have the patience and persistence to do it,” al-Sherbiny said.– NNN-MENA  


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