WGS 2024 calls for tech collaboration to tackle challenges, seize opportunities

WGS 2024 calls for tech collaboration to tackle challenges, seize opportunities

DUBAI, Feb 12 (NNN-Bernama) — The World Government Summit (WGS 2024) urges governments to address pressing issues and chart a path forward in an ever-changing landscape evolving around the artificial intelligence (AI) field.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister of Cabinet Affairs and WGS 2024 Chairman, Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, highlighted the transformative potential of AI, noting projections that it could automate up to 70 per cent of tasks across various sectors, revolutionising productivity.

However, he also cautioned against the proliferation of fabricated content, which he described as a “double-edged sword” undermining trust and distorting facts.

“Media misinformation poses one of the biggest challenges facing humanity,” he said in his opening remarks on Monday, stressing the importance of protecting truth from distortion to maintain confidence in institutions and individuals alike.

Reflecting on the past decades, Mohammad Abdullah added that he acknowledged the positive impact of global economic integration, which has lifted billions out of poverty and fueled economic growth.

However, he pointed out the risks associated with its decline, citing estimates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that suggest a potential 7 per cent loss in global Gross Domestic Products (GDP) due to rising protectionism and trade restrictions.

Speaking on WGS 2023, the minister added that the summit participants discussed the importance of viewing globalisation as a driver of development and economic value, rather than a threat to national interests.

Embracing cooperation and fostering cultural communication were identified as key strategies to mitigate economic fragmentation and promote shared prosperity.

“We can achieve much through this gathering,” the minister concluded, expressing hope that the summit would catalyse new priorities and choices, refocusing attention on creating opportunities for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Themed “Shaping Future Governments”, this year’s WGS focuses on six themes and hosts 15 global forums that will explore future strategies and major transformations in key sectors across 110 interactive dialogues.

Over 200 prominent speakers, including presidents, ministers, and visionaries, will share their insights alongside 23 ministerial meetings and executive sessions welcoming over 300 ministers.



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