Peru’s President: We are prepared to reduce El Niño impact

Peru’s President: We are prepared to reduce El Niño impact
Photo: ANDINA/ Presidency of the Republic of Peru

PIURA (Peru), Dec 3 (NNN-ANDINA) — Pres Dina Boluarte affirmed that the country is prepared to reduce the possible impact of Coastal El Niño, after presenting the equipment acquired by the Peruvian State to deal with the natural phenomenon.

She said that, throughout this year, 85 interventions have been carried out with machinery to clean up channels and reinforce river banks, which will protect 396,000 people.

There is a lack of cisterns, they said; today we delivered 3 cisterns; each one has (capacity for) 3000, 4000, 5000 gallons for this region; we also delivered one of the 10 new bucket machines,” Pres Boluarte said.

We are prepared to reduce the impact of El Niño and prevent the misfortunes that we were used to seeing on television from occurring,” she added.

The top official specified that 90 6- and 8-inch motor pumps, with the necessary power to draw water, and 3 operational pieces of equipment like those used after Hurricane Catrina —whose function is to transfer rainwater for subsequent evacuation— were delivered to the northern region. Said equipment has high-power motor pumps and hoses of up to 2 kilometers.

“For the first time, from the Government of an Andean woman, we say ‘deeds, not words.’ We are an honest and transparent government that fights head-on against corruption; we are going to boost the development of Piura and the north,” she expressed.

The President announced that the long-awaited water and sewage project for 96 human settlements in Piura and Castilla will become a reality in 2024. It will begin in February with an investment worth over S/628.4 million (about US$168.34 million) to benefit 466,000 citizens.

Likewise, the Head of State said that 14 sanitation works, thanks to an investment of S/1.064 billion (about US$258.03 million), are close to starting, which will benefit more than one million people.

“We are settling a historic debt that had been neglected for decades; we stand with you, people of Piura,” she stated.

Joined by Housing Minister Hania Perez de Cuellar, the President also presented the Alternative Rainwater Collection and Evacuation Systems (SARE), in Piura, which seek to prevent flooding.

Later, President Boluarte participated in the ceremonies to deliver title deeds to over 2,000 families from the provinces of Ayabaca, Huancabamba, Morropon, Paita, Sechura, and Sullana; plus “Saving Lives” government bonds to families affected by Cyclone Yaku. — NNN-ANDINA


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