Huawei aims to secure more partners in APAC’s electric power industry

Huawei aims to secure more partners in APAC’s electric power industry

By Anas Abu Hassan

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 (NNN-Bernama) — Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is committed to working with more electric power partners in the Asia Pacific (Apac) to jointly innovate and expand its intelligent power solutions to meet the growing requirements for the digital transformation of the industry.

Chief operating officer of Huawei Electric Power Digitalization Business Unit, Zhou Haojie, said business growth in the Asia Pacific power market goes hand-in-hand with the support and investments from its partners.

He said that as a world-leading ICT infrastructure and intelligent device provider, Huawei has integrated ICT technologies, digital power platforms, and industry experience to build an electric power solution system based on the Spark architecture.

“Huawei aims to help innovatively transform and upgrade electric power enterprises so they can achieve safe, efficient, green, and sustainable operations.

“Currently, Huawei has cooperated with more than 190 electric power companies around the world and worked with ecosystem partners to develop more than 40 scenario-based solutions, paving a digital way for global energy transition and carbon neutrality,” he told Bernama in a recent exclusive interview.

According to Zhou, the company hopes to expand the market with its partners and achieve high-speed growth together while simultaneously investing in professional capability development.

“In the future, we will work with association partners to expand the trillion-dollar digital transformation market.

“Such partners cooperate with Huawei in various capabilities during customers’ digital transformation to jointly solve customers’ business problems.

“The cooperation includes digital transformation consulting, joint development of products and product portfolios and industry solutions, integration services, and ICT professional services.

Zhou highlighted that Huawei has been adhering to the strategy of “being integrated” and adopting fair, just, transparent, and simple partner policies as it pursues mutual benefits through open collaboration.

“We will give full play to our advantages, strive for information streamlining and resource sharing, and adhere to the principle of “bonded by interests, founded on integrity and guaranteed by rules” — to build a healthy and win-win partner system,” he said.

Digital transformation of electric power enterprises

Zhou stressed that the digital transformation within the electric power enterprises requires efforts to be focused mainly on security, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

As for security, Huawei has developed multiple solutions to ensure that power grids’ communication, network, and data security remains the utmost priority.

“This includes the Power Transmission and Transformation Communication Network Solution, Power Distribution Communication Network Solution, and Power Storage Ransomware Protection Solution.

“These solutions have been successfully implemented in Asia-Pacific countries such as China, Malaysia, and other regions to protect the security of local power grids,” he added.

Zhou highlighted that Huawei’s solutions cover a full spectrum of scenarios, including power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption of energy to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“Huawei’s intelligent power generation solution, intelligent power transmission line inspection solution, and intelligent substation solution are supporting power generation, transmission, and transformation services in China and numerous other Southeast Asian countries, helping electric power enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency,” said Zhou.

APAC Electric Power Digitalization Alliance

During the recent Huawei Asia Pacific (APAC) Partners Conference, the company launched its APAC Electric Power Digitalization Alliance and signed a memorandum of cooperation with Willowglen (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

“With this as a starting point, Huawei will work with more electric power partners in the future to jointly innovate and expand the Power Distribution IoT Solution, Power Distribution Communication Network Solution, Electric Power Wireless Campus Solution, and Power Storage Ransomware Protection Solution,” Zhou added.

Since 2018, Huawei has been working with Precise System and Project Co Ltd, a partner from Thailand that has been deeply engaged in the power industry for decades.

“From the initial joint development of the intelligent distribution gateway solution to the present joint strategic cooperation in the research and construction of intelligent transmissions, transformation, and distribution solutions, remarkable achievements have been made, building deep trust.

“In the future, we will expand and deepen the cooperation in intelligent grid services, jointly develop innovative solutions, and utilise leading technologies to develop new and high-quality services for customers,” said Zhou.

He added that in addition to the digital field, Huawei also enabled partners to continuously digitally transform through consulting and planning capabilities, solution development capabilities, and product technology integration capabilities.

Zhou said this was based on customer requirements to help customers select the best cooperation business model, enabling digital technology to have a far-reaching influence on the electric power industry.



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