Israeli Army Demolishes Palestinian Houses In West Bank

Israeli Army Demolishes Palestinian Houses In West Bank

RAMALLAH, Palestine, April 18 (NNN-WAFA) – Israeli army raided the West Bank village of Kobar, Wednesday, and demolished the home of Saleh Omar Barghouti, who was accused by Israel of carrying out a shooting attack.

Saleh was gunned down in a military ambush on Dec 12, 2018, after a manhunt over allegedly carrying out a shooting attack on Dec 9 last year.

Kobar Mayor, Izzat Badwan said that, this was the fourth house demolished by Israel, during the last two years, saying, “such demolitions are considered crimes under the international law, but it won’t stop the Palestinian people’s determination and commitment to their rightful cause.”

Local sources said, the Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition and tear gas canisters towards residents.

In March, Israel demolished the home of Saleh’s brother, Assem Barghouti, a few weeks after detaining him, saying he is suspected of killing two Israeli soldiers near Ramallah on Dec 13, 2018, a day after the killing of Saleh.

Israeli Army Spokesperson, Avichai Adrei, affirmed that “the demolition targeted the home of Barghouti, who carried out, with his brother, an attack in Ofra on Dec 9, 2018, and “the Israeli army will continue to work to halt terrorist activates and maintain security in the region.”

Rights groups say, Israel’s policy to demolish the family homes of Palestinians does not serve as a means of deterrence, but provokes vengeful acts by both sides.

While Israel demolished homes of entire families of individuals, accused of being involved in attacks against Israelis, it does not apply the same measures to Israeli settlers, who were involved in fatal attacks against Palestinians, the groups noted.– NNN-WAFA


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