High British Court opens hearings on lawsuit against Cuba

High British Court opens hearings on lawsuit against Cuba

LONDON, Jan 25 (NNN-ACN) — A high court in London opened oral hearings on Monday related to a lawsuit filed by a vulture fund against Cuba’s National Bank and the Cuban State.

According to Granma, witness to declare are the president of the Cuban National Bank Joscelin Rio Alvarez and first deputy minister for Finance and Prices Vladimir Regueiro Ale.

Cuba’s defense, in tune with British Law, is based on the figures known as solicitor –legal advice to the parties presenting initial written documents, and barrister—consideration and study of proofs along with leading the defense during the trial through interrogation and final report.

The two roles will be assumed by British professionals, along with a lawyer team with a prestigious Spanish legal aid office.

The expert appointed by the Cuban National Bank and the State to appear before the court will be Dr Juan Mendoza Diaz, professor of Procedural Law at the University of Havana, president of the Cuban Society of Procedural Law, member of the Ibero-American Institute of Procedural Law, arbitrator of the Cuban Court of International Commercial Arbitration and director of the Cuban Law Magazine.

The Cuban delegation is also made up of Dr Rodolfo Davalos, professor of International Law at the University of Havana and president of the Cuba Court of International Commercial Arbitration.

Cuba and the National Bank ratified that the vulture fund identified as CRF I Limited has not been their creditor.

The hearings will run for two weeks, which includes the practice of proofs and final reports by the parties, scheduled for Feb 1-2. — NNN-ACN


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