Palestinians appreciate Malaysia’s steadfast position — ambassador

Palestinians appreciate Malaysia’s steadfast position — ambassador

By Rosmalis Anuar

KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 (Bernama) — Palestinian Ambassador to Malaysia Walid Abu Ali expressed his appreciation for Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob for standing up for Palestine and the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israel’s atrocities.

Noting that the world has turned a blind eye to the Palestinian suffering for decades, he said Malaysia, on the other hand, has always been consistent with its position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We as Palestinians appreciate and admire the support provided by Malaysia and by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, during the meeting with the (US President) President Joe Biden, re-emphasising and re-confirming the position of Malaysia towards the Palestinian cause,” he said when contacted by Bernama on Monday.

He hoped that Malaysia will influence other Asian countries towards supporting the Palestinian cause.

“Palestinian cause always unify Malaysians and the issue of Palestine is a very strong emotional issue in the heart of all Malaysians,” he added.

Malaysia has been consistent in its stand and is vocal in voicing its solidarity and support to the Palestine issue.

During ASEAN leaders’ meeting with President Joe Biden at the special summit in Washington, D.C. on May 13, Ismail Sabri has urged the United States to be honest and transparent in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Israeli atrocities must be stopped. The US must be honest in resolving the issue. If the US can take swift action in Ukraine, we want the same swift action to be taken on the Palestinian issue,” the Prime Minister said.

The ambassador also appreciated Malaysia’s stand to not normalise relations with Israel as well as its unwavering support to the Palestinian cause to achieve freedom from the Israeli illegal occupation.

Hypocrisy and double standards on Palestine

Chief Executive Officer of Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia Dr. Sharif Amin Abu Shammalah said the clear statement by Ismail Sabri at the ASEAN-US Special Summit had exposed the western hypocrisy and double standards in dealing with the Palestinian issue.

He said this is especially evident at the time when the West is quick to condemn the Russian aggression on Ukraine but had remained mum on the Israeli atrocities on the Palestine land and its people for the past seven decades.

He said Israel must not be above any international laws and must be held accountable for its violations.

“We always see how Malaysia is one the most supportive (countries) to the Palestinian issue. I believe that Malaysia, based on its regional position, is able to contribute a lot in bringing Israel to accountability,” he told Bernama here.


On a related development, Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah reiterated Malaysia’s call for the immediate end to the forced displacement of Palestinians and the dismantlement of Israel’s occupation and apartheid regime.

He said Malaysia will not normalise relations with Israel.

“Malaysia will continue to extend unwavering support and solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters and will not normalise relations with Israel.

“The international community must come together to end Israel’s apartheid regime,” said the Malaysian foreign minister in a posting on his Facebook page to mark the 74th anniversary of Al-Nakba on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Abu Ali also urged the international community to be fair with the Palestinians, which have been the victims of double standard for over seven decades.

“What’s happening between Russia and Ukraine, the Western world was able to meet and take an action in taking sanctions against Russia within weeks (after invading Ukraine).

“We (Palestinians) have been suffering for more than seven decades, and the international community witnessed our suffering continuously, and practically nothing has been done. That’s where we see ourselves as victims of the double standards,” the ambassador said.

Observed on May 15 annually, the Nakba Day, or the Catastrophe Day, marks the 1948 forced expulsion of nearly 800,000 Palestinians from their homes in historical Palestine.



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