Vienna Talks Parties Agreed On Priority Of Sanctions Issue: Iran’s Top Negotiator

Vienna Talks Parties Agreed On Priority Of Sanctions Issue: Iran’s Top Negotiator

TEHRAN, Dec 1 (NNN-IRNA) – Western parties to the 2015 nuclear agreement, have accepted to give priority to the sanctions issue, in the Vienna talks, Iranian top negotiator said yesterday.

“Addressing the situation of the iniquitous and illegal sanctions, must be the first priority issue, in the agenda of the Joint Commission, and this was agreed at this meeting,” Ali Bagheri Kani said, in remarks to Iran’s state TV, regarding the first day of the renewed negotiations in Austria.

Concerning the prospects of the negotiations, Bagheri Kani said, “many” of Iran’s counterparts welcomed Iranian viewpoints, on the need for guarantees that the U.S. will not reimpose again, sanctions on Iran that are supposed to be lifted under the 2015 agreement, and that Washington will not quit the deal, as it did in 2018, under former President, Donald Trump.

The Iranian diplomat described Monday’s meetings as “constructive and useful,” and praised the Chinese and Russian representatives’ support for Iran’s stances.

European representatives, he added, acknowledged in their remarks that, the main cause of the present situation is the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement, and therefore, Washington should be the first to take action, in order to revive the deal.

Concerning the six previous rounds of talks, Bagheri Kani said, all the parties in Monday’s meeting admitted the principle that, “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed,” and therefore any of the preliminary outcomes drafted between Apr and June could be reviewed.

Iran and the remaining parties to the 2015 nuclear deal, with indirect involvement of the United States, resumed the talks on Monday, after nearly six months of hiatus.– NNN-IRNA


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