Clenergy And JJ-LAPP Solar ‘Powering’ Towards A Brighter, Sustainable Future In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 24 (Bernama-PRNewswire) — Clenergy, a globally renowned solar mounting gear provider, and JJ-LAPP, the cable technology joint venture of diversified industrial conglomerate Jebsen & Jessen and LAPP Holding Asia, have announced their partnership. The partnership is in line with achieving Malaysia’s target to generate 20% of energy consumption from renewable sources by 2025, expecting to unlock RM 4 billion in investment and create an estimated number of 12,000 new jobs. It also aims to drive Malaysia’s growing solar energy industry further and support the country by bringing Malaysia to the forefront of sustainable projects.

Engineering, construction, and procurement companies not only in Malaysia, but within the larger region including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines will now have access to Clenergy’s entire portfolio through JJ-LAPP’s network in South East Asia.


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