Iran Launches Production Line Of Combat UAV

Iran Launches Production Line Of Combat UAV

TEHRAN, Iran, Mar 2 (NNN-IRNA) – The Iranian Air Force, launched the production line of an indigenous combat Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), named Kaman-12, Press TV reported.

The production line of the aircraft was unveiled in a ceremony attended by the Iranian civil and military officials in the capital Tehran.

According to the report, the aircraft can fly at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour, for 10 straight hours.

It can use an airstrip as short as 400 metres and covers a 1,000-kilometre combat radius.

The UAV weighs 450 kilograms and can carry a payload as heavy as 100 kilograms.

The combat drone was first unveiled on Jan 30, during a military exhibition in Tehran.– NNN-IRNA


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