Last Updated: 2018-09-12
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KUWAIT, Sept 12 (NNN-KUNA) - Kuwait's education ministry, referred the issue of not paying rent allowance to Kuwaiti teachers married to non-Kuwaitis, widows and divorcees to the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

The ministry said, expat teachers receive a KD 60 (USD 198) rent allowance a month, based on CSC decision 38/2016.

According to a recent global cost of living indicator for 2018, which measures the cost of living in 117 countries, according to residential rent values, grocery prices, restaurant prices and the local purchase value, Switzerland topped with a total of 119.98 points, while Pakistan was at the bottom with 22.17.

The indicator included 13 Arab countries, led by Qatar, as the most expensive in the Arab world, and 28th worldwide, while Kuwait was fifth in the Arab world.

Tunisia is ranked the cheapest in the Arab world and 115th in the world, while Egypt is ranked 114.-- NNN-KUNA