Last Updated: 2018-02-13
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From Muammar Eusoffi Zainol Abidin

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13 (NNN-Bernama) -- The United States has pledged US$200 million to support the efforts taken by the Global Coalition Against Daesh to fight the militant group and stop them from returning to Syria and Iraq.

US State of Secretary Rex Tillerson said Daesh will always be a threat to the world and hence the fight against the militant group must go on to ensure they do not return to Syria and Iraq, even though the region has been declared to be free from their control.

“These funds will be needed to ensure that Daesh does not return to Iraq and Syria,” he said when delivering his speech at the opening of the Ministerial Level Meeting of the Global Coalition Against Daesh at the Bayan Palace here Tuesday.

Tillerson said the global coalition has successfully freed about 98 percent of the areas controlled by Daesh in Iraq and returned the people's places to them.

“However, sustaining the peace is of utmost priority to ensure that the people of Iraq and Syria return to their daily lives. We will have to help these two countries in their redevelopment such as constructing hospitals, water supply and electricity lines and schools after the damages made by Daesh."

He said the global coalition should also continue with its efforts to ensure that Daesh does not return to the two countries.

“The US is deeply grateful to the member countries of the global coalition for having played an important role in fighting the Daesh threat and these funds would be needed to ensure that the peace continues.”

He said the US will continue to be a major contributor to the humanitarian assistance required in Syria and will also cooperate with the coalition and their local partners in providing military support for Syria.