Last Updated: 2018-04-15
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LUANDA, April 15 (NNN-ANGOP) -- The Angolan government is determined to assist 90 percent of people living with HIV / AIDS, said Vice-President Bornito de Sousa, during the meeting of the National Commission on Fight against HIV / AIDS and Great Endemics, aimed at taking appropriate measures to control diseases in Angola.

He said that the Angolan government recognizes that the HIV / AIDS epidemic and the great endemic diseases have negative effects on the economy and national strategic objectives, but despite the financial constraints it guarantees that it will fulfill its obligations, for the well-being of the populations.

During the opening of the event, the vice president also encouraged the 50,000 people involved in the process of polio, measles and rubella vaccination, in which he was worried about the harmful effects caused by these endemics and ensured that the Government has been working to meet international targets for HIV / AIDS and other endemic diseases despite the economic crisis.

According to Bornito de Sousa, available data point to encouraging results in terms of reducing numbers of new virus infections, as well as deaths linked to AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Bornito de Sousa also said that the economic crisis cannot be a reason to abstain from the responsibilities and obligations of the State in such an important sector as the health and well-being of citizens.

The National Commission for the Fight against AIDS and other endemics had been inactive for eight years. -- NNN-ANGOP