Last Updated: 2017-06-19
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MANAMA, Bahrain, Jun 19 (NNN-BNA) - Mohammed Abdullatif bin Jalal, Vice-President of Bahrain Athletics Association, has extended his congratulations to Commander of the Royal Guard Special Force, Major Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, on the occasion of his graduation from the joint command and staff course at the US Marine Corps University in Quantico, Washington, DC.

Jalal said, "On behalf of myself and members of the Board of Directors of Bahrain Athletics Association and the whole family of athletics in Bahrain, we extend our sincere congratulations to Shaikh Khalid on his graduation from this course, which attests the extent of his efficiency and experience."

He stressed on the fact that Shaikh Khalid is an exemplary model for Bahraini youths, who are looking forward to practical and cognitive achievements, developing culture and enhancing skill and efficiency, noting that completing this course from the US Marine Corps University, one of the oldest and most famous educational institutions, well-known for the efficiency of its staff, is a source of pride and joy for all members of the Bahraini athletics family.

Shaikh Khalid’s graduation from this course confirms his approach for progress and perseverance in science and looking to the prospects of the orient to achieve the hopes of Bahrain and its ambitions for development. These are the achievements King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa wanted for the youth of Bahrain to attain, in order to continue the construction and modernisation witnessed by the Kingdom, since they are the promising future of the Kingdom, said Jalal.

Jalal also congratulated Bader Nasser Mohammed, Bahrain Athletics Association Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the Media and Public Relations Committee, on winning a membership in the Board of Directors at the Bahrain Olympic Committee. He stressed that Bader is one of the Bahraini youth who has proven competence in the domestic level through the positions and tasks he held to contribute to the success of the Bahrain Athletics Association during the previous electoral cycle, which witnessed remarkable achievements and successes that will be inscribed in golden lettering.

He appreciated the support and interest of Shaikh Khalid, in sending the staff of the Bahrain Athletics Association to many important internal and external positions, including Bader, who was chosen by the General Assembly for the ability and efficiency he has, to become a member of the Olympic Committee. Also, to contribute in many new ideas and suggestions that aim at improving the sports movement in the Kingdom. He further wished Bader more success in his future career.-- NNN-BNA