Last Updated: 2012-08-08
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KAMPALA, Aug 8 (NNN-NEW VISION) -- The Ugandan police have embarked on an anti-Ebola awareness drive within Kampala to restrain the spread of the deadly virus in the city.

The programme involves the dissemination of basic facts about the epidemic and aims to equip the masses with knowledge on how to avoid contracting the deadly disease.

According to the Kampala Extra Police spokesperson, Ibin Ssenkumbi, the campaign is to be conducted in Police stations in Kampala city and it will pass-on basic information about the epidemic like the symptoms and how to handle suspected patients.

"The awareness exercise is being conducted at Police Stations in Kampala city and is intended to enable the public to identify, handle and report any cases of Ebola," Ssenkumbi on Tuesday.

The exercise comes against the background of an Ebola outbreak in Kibaale district that has necessitated the entire nation to respond through preventive measures such as mass sensitisation on the epidemic.

Meanwhile, nine suspected Ebola patients have been discharged from the Ebola isolation centre in Kagadi hospital, Kibaale district.

Those discharged include five-year-old Businge Mugabi, Geofrey Kaija, 7, Costa Mugabi, 9 and their father John Mugabi, 35.

The children were admitted following the death of their mother identified as Aida Tuhaise who died with signs and symptoms of Ebola in Butumba village, Muhorro town, Kibaale district.

The others discharged were prisoners from Kibaale prison who were sent back to the cells.

Dr. Joseph Amonye of the national coordinator of the Ebola task force said blood samples taken from these people were negative and there was no reason of confining them at the isolation centre.

"We have tested their samples and found that although these children were contacts, they are not having the Ebola virus," said Amonye.

The patients were given a package that includes household items such as mattresses, utensils and food for the start of their new life. -- NNN-NEW VISION