Last Updated: 2012-07-06
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GAZA CITY, July 6 (NNN-Ma’an) -- Muhammad Awad, deputy prime minister in the Gaza government, says communications are ongoing between it and the new Egyptian leadership and both sides will meet soon.

Awad told Ma'an that the Egyptian people made their choice clear, and he said they support the Palestinian people and their cause.

He added that Egypt should take steps to end the siege of Gaza and support the Palestinian cause. For example he said the Rafah crossing should be opened as normally as any other in Egypt.

Opening Rafah normally would vastly improve the fuel situation, he added.

Pres Mohamed Mursi took office Saturday with the first real popular mandate in Egypt's history.

The new president has quickly fallen in step with displays of military pomp that are a fixture of Egyptian national life, even though the armed forces have given him no influence over their affairs.

The government he is trying to form could leave the most powerful ministries in the hands of the army, which also has the last word on new laws since it disbanded the lower house of a parliament dominated by Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood, following a court ruling that found fault in the voting process. -- NNN-MA'AN