Last Updated: 2012-07-02
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NAIROBI, July 2 (NNN-KBC):The government has embarked on strategies to ensure that cancer diagnosis and treatment in Kenya is affordable, Prime Minister Raila Odinga said.

Speaking to the media after visiting veteran politician Martin Shikuku who is recuperating from prostate cancer at the Texas Cancer Center in Nairobi, he said the number of cancer cases was on the increase in the country and it was a cause for concern.

He pledged the government's commitment in stepping up its efforts to control the disease.

Raila said the government will meet the cost of treatment incurred by the long serving politician.

Leading Oncologist Dr. Catherine Nyongesa said that prostate cancer is treatable if diagnosed early, and urged men above the age of 40 years to go for screening.

He appealed to the National Hospital Insurance Fund NHIF to consider meeting treatment costs of cancer inpatients.

While thanking Raila for the visit, Shikuku, said politicians who suffered wrongful incarceration for agitating for the second liberation of the country should be compensated.

He said it was gratifying to see how the government was committed to implementing the reform agenda as per the wishes of Kenyans.

He however, noted that caution should be exercised to ensure the implementation of the constitution is not derailed by non-reformists.

'I plead with Prime Minister to be on the lookout and ensure that this constitution is not messed up the way they messed up the Lancaster constitution ', Shikuku said.