Last Updated: 2012-06-22
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JAKARTA, Indonesia June 22 (NNN-Xinhua) -- An Indonesian air force plane went down on Thursday during a routine training flight in Jakarta, military sources said Friday.

The Fokker 27 slammed into homes in air force base compound Halim Perdana Kusuma in East Jakarta at 14:45 p.m. Jakarta time and ignited fire balls, Military Spokesman Iskandar Sitompul said.

The accident killed 11 people and wounded 12 others, said Azizah S., spokesperson of the hospital in the compound where all the victims have been brought.

There were seven people onboard during the accident, including pilot, co-pilot, instructor and trainees, said Azman Yunus, Air Force spokesman.

The accident killed all the seven people on board, and the rest were civilians, said Azizah.

Eight houses were destroyed by the plane, said Sitompul.

It has not been known yet the cause of the accident, but an investigation over the accident would be carried out, said Dede Rusamsi, deputy chief of staff of the Indonesian air force.

The result would be announced three months later, he said.

The pilot and co-pilot were on a good condition before the flight and so did the plane, said Rusamsi.

A ceremony for the funeral of the victims was conducted in the Halim Perdanakusuma air force base, led by Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Politics, Legal and Security Djoko Suyanto on Friday. -- NNN-Xinhua

Meanwhile ANTARA news agency reports:


JAKARTA, Indonesia June 22 (NNN-ANTARA) -- The Indonesian Air Force has revised up the death toll from the Air Force Fokker-27 crash, which happened on Thursday, to 11.

"The number of dead victims in the plane crash was initially 10, but another victim, Onchi Belorundun, died last night. So, the number rose to 11," Air Force Spokesman Air Commodore Azman Yunus said here on Friday.

Onchi, the younger sister of Major Johannes Tandi Sosan, was reportedly in critical condition and died on Thursday night.

Onchi and three others - Johannes` mother Martina Loren Sosan, his seven-year-old son Brian Sosan and one-year-old nephew Nevlin Tanonen - were inside their home, which was in the Air Force`s housing complex, when the plane crashed into it at 2.40 pm local time on Thursday.

"The four bodies have been flown to Malang by an Air Force Hercules A1315 belonging to Air Squadron 32," Azman said.

It was confirmed on Thursday that seven crew members of the Air Force Fokker 27 plane, which crashed into a housing complex near Halim Perdanakusumah airbase in East Jakarta, and three resident civilians were killed in the accident.

Co-pilot First Lieutenant Paulus Adi, who was reported to be alive and in critical condition after the incident, died at the Intensive Care Unit of the Air Force Central Hospital at around 7.30 pm.

Investigation is still ongoing into what caused the accident. According to several Air Force members, the plane had lost control minutes before landing.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness said the plane was trying to turn around over the Air Force hospital before it hit the residential area. -- NNN-ANTARA