Last Updated: 2012-06-13
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NUSA DUA, June 13 (NNN-ANTARA): The government has developed a national policy and strategy in a bid to prevent and eradicate drug abuse and its illicit circulation, according to Vice President Boediono.

"It is to show that the government is serious about dealing with drug abuse and its illicit circulation," he said here on Tuesday.

Boediono made the statement at the opening of the 29th International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC), jointly organized by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) and the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Also present in the INDEC were Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsudin, Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika, BNN Chief Goris Mere, and 305 participants from 75 countries.

Boediono said the government was determined to eradicate narcotics crimes by cooperating with other countries and by implementing policies and strategies to ensure a drug-free Indonesia by 2015.

The vice president added the policy was in line with the Presidential Instruction No. 12/2011, in which ministers and state institution leaders at the central and regional levels were advised to include narcotics eradication in their plans of action.

Besides, Boediono said, the National Narcotics Agency had been granted sufficient powers to ensure law enforcement and handle narcotic threats.

Meanwhile, Mere said the conference was the first of its kind to be held outside the United States and other Western countries.

The conference will discuss how the countries can cooperate in their fight against international drug syndicates and transnational drug crime.

"Through this conference, we will enhance the spirit of international cooperation to combat drug crime. We will share information about drug crime trends and priorities for action in the fight against narcotics," Mere stated.

The conference will be attended by 52 member countries and 21 observer countries.

The event is expected to result in cooperation agreements and discussions on the measures and strategies that can be used to combat drug abuse.