Last Updated: 2012-06-07
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BRASILIA, June 7 (NNN-PRENSA LATINA) - Record cold winter temperatures have come to South America this year, in places such as the town of Quaraí in the Brazilian region known as the Western Frontier, where a temperature of 2.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest of the year, was registered.

In this region, where winter extends between June and September, the outbreak of Antarctic air keeps millions of people on alert.

According to the Meteorological Institute, other Brazilian towns reported freezing temperatures, such as Vacaria with -2.1 degrees, Sao Jose dos Ausentes, with -0.9 degrees, Sao Gabriel, -0.8 and Santa Rosa, -0.8 degrees.

In the capital of Argentina and adjacent areas there was sleet this morning, and the locals do not rule out a snowstorm, a rare phenomenon in Buenos Aires, where the last snowfall occurred in 2007, after an 89 year gap.

However, meteorologist Mauricio Saldivar, told that for a snowstorm different conditions are required.

In Santiago, Chile, at sunrise, thermometers recorded the lowest temperature of the year, -3.7 degrees Celsius, weather officials confirmed.

According to the regional director of the National Emergency Office, Miguel Munoz, weather conditions for the Chilean capital are below the average temperature, given that winter is just beginning.

In Uruguay, the National Office of Meteorology issued an alert yesterday for the entire nation, because the cold will last until Saturday and will cause a marked decrease in the minimum temperatures which range between zero and -5 degrees Celsius.