Last Updated: 2011-05-10
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BANGKOK, May 10 (NNN-Bernama):The Office of the National Economic and Social Advisory Council (ONESAC) will propose to the Thai government, an action plan for reducing the rising level of illicit drug trafficking following continued rises and the lack of a solution, according to Thai News Agency.

Speaking at a seminar which took place to seek innovative policies for solving the issues, ONESAC Chairman Okas Teparagul said that the narcotics problem has started to affect social well-being and that the government has been unable to resolve them.

The seminar aims to sound out people’s opinions in order to seek problem solving innovations, with a target of 50 percent reduction in drug trafficking.

He added that the “315 Strategies” declared earlier by the government was not entirely effective.

Meanwhile, senior official at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board, Pittaya Jinawat said that the drug situation in the three southernmost provinces has become critical as marijuana cultivation has continued to escalate, while new technologies are being used to produce synthetic drugs keeping the problems unsolved.

He also added that continual changes in governmental policy are preventing the administration from working efficiently. To suppress drug problems, he suggested the government works to eradicate poverty and improve family values.