A four-month-old panda cub plays at the Malaysian zoo where she was born to mother Liang Liang and father Xing Xing, on display to the public at the National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur. The cub weighs nine kilogramme. Her growth is quite fast and she is already able to move slowly. The fluffy little cub was the second born to Liang Liang, who has been on loan to Malaysia since 2014, along with a male panda, a rare success story for natural reproduction among giant pandas which are notoriously clumsy at mating on the rare occasions they are actually in the mood. The cub's sister, Nuan Nuan, was born in August 2015 and sent back to China in November last year as part of Beijing's agreement with Malaysia that cubs born in captivity must go back at the age of two. Photo courtesy Bernama images

Last Updated: 2018-06-01

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