INDONESIAN RESEARCHER IDENTIFIES NEW FROG SPECIES. Leptobrachium ingeri (right) has a spotty ventral color, while Leptobrachium kanowitense (left) ventral colour is more predominantly white. Indonesia Researchers identified two new species of a frog named Leptobrachium ingeri and Leptobrachium kanowitensein following research conducted in the Pacific Islands on 27 July 2012 (Indonesia) and Sarawak (Malaysia) from 2008 to 2012. Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) researcher Amir Hamidy said that the two new frog species were genetically different from other frogs in the world. "Usually, if two frogs have more than a 3 percent difference in genetic length, they can be categorised as different species. However, in the case of L.ingeri and L.kanowitense, there is a difference of more than 9 percent," "Morphologically, the new frog species have unique hands and feet. The position of membrane on their feet, the colour of their ears and ventral parts are all different," he added. Photo courtesy antara

Last Updated: 2012-08-01

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