Outpour of sadness from Malaysians for Irish teen Nora Anne

NILAI, Aug 13 (NNN-BERNAMA)  — As the search went on the last 10 days for the missing Irish teen Nora Anne Quoirin, many Malaysian netizens had expressed hope and optimism that she would be found eventually but all these hopes were dashed with the discovery of her lifeless body yesterday.

News of locals and foreigners getting lost in the thick jungles of Malaysia is not exactly new and generally the lost ones make their way back or are found in search and rescue operations but such was not the case for Nora, who was a special child with learning disabilities.

Her body was found Tuesday afternoon, 2km away from the resort she had checked in with her family on August 4 for a holiday that sadly never took place.

No efforts had been spared in the search for Nora Anne, as villagers and volunteers also joined in the search. Photos courtesy of BERNAMA.

Just as netizens have been expressing their sadness over the death of Nora, residents around the Pantai resort area in Seremban have been also expressing their sympathy, dismay and shock with the news.

Most residents here did not believe her disappearance would end this way and described it as a ‘black’ event for them.

Mohamad Afendi Azhar, 26, said the incident was the first to have happened in the area involving a missing person that ended with death.

He and the villagers had tried to locate the teenager on the second day after she was reported missing on Aug 4 but failed.

“I am deeply sorry for her family,” he told Bernama.

Another resident who only wanted to be known as Malik, 28, was shocked to hear the news of the discovery of Nora Anne’s body about 2.5 kilometers from the resort.

A tragic ending for Irish teen Nora Anne, who is seen here in a file photo with her mother,
Meabh Jaseprine Quoirin. Photo courtesy of BERNAMA.

“To find her in lifeless form is difficult to accept.  I feel a great deal of sympathy for the family of the victim. At the very least the question mark over Nora Anne’s disappearance has been answered,” he said.

He said most of the cases that had happened there were usually about people getting lost and would usually be found safe within a short time.

Mohd Raffiq Ismail, 31, who had joined the search and rescue (SAR) operation,  felt upset for failing to locate the teenager.

“During the operation, we did comb the area (where the body was found) but we did not find anything. I had followed the search and rescue operation for three days,” he said.

Nora Anne and her family arrived In Malaysia on Aug 3 for a two-week vacation. The teenager was found missing from her room by her family members at 8am the following day. Her body was found at 1.57 pm on Tuesday.